A Few Things You Should Know About Rotech



We source, design, manufacture and install rural steel hardware.

Everything from specialised gate hinges to steel end assemblies, we have you covered.

Our mission is to provide farmers with quality, innovative, reliable, and affordable rural hardware and do so with integrity.

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And we're pretty good at it.

It all comes down to our commitment to providing 100% customer satisfaction every time.

We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure all of our products are the the 100% satisfaction of every customer.

But, we feel we shouldn't take all the credit.

We work closely with local farmers.

Being based in northern NSW has it's advantages. 

Our proximity to some of the most successful agriculture areas of the Australia allows us to work closely with farmers to provide you with a unique and diverse range of products and services.

We also work hand in hand with local rural businesses, such as farm sheds supplier Techspan Building Systems.

Rotech Armidale
20 Years Seal

We Have been doing it for a whilE.

20 years in fact!

Through working directly with farmers over the years, we have been able to refine what we do and provide you with the best products and services that actually solve your needs.

Our vision Is...

To make our range of quality and innovative products available to everyone.

Whether you are a stockyard manufacturer, rural store, steel merchant, landholder or contractor, we want to create the type of product that you insist on using.

Our commitment it to provide a quality product that you can't help but love.

100% Australian Owned

As an Australian family owned business we believe in keeping jobs in rural Australia.

You can rest assured knowing there is no compromise on quality because you’re working with a 100% Australian owned company.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

Rotech Staff