Ron Ovenden Ron Ovenden

Ron Ovenden

Managing Director and Founder

Nathan Kentwell Nathan Kentwell

Nathan Kentwell

Operations Manager

Trevor Ovenden Trevor Ovenden

Trevor Ovenden

National Sales Manager

Matt Radburn Matt Radburn

Matt Radburn

NSW Sales Manager

Greg Eather Greg Eather

Greg Eather

NSW Sales

Raymond Beard

Raymond Beard

QLD Sales Manager

Winston Crick Winston Crick

Winston Crick

VIC Sales

Arne Ovenden Arne Ovenden

Arne Ovenden

Sales Support Manager

Alison Greenfield

Alison Greenfield

Sales Support

Rod Trewarn Rod Trewarn

Rod Trewarn

Head of Finance

Breanna Heap Breanna Heap

Breanna Heap

Accounts Payable

Stella Ovenden Stella Ovenden

Stella Ovenden

Admin Support

Cameron Ovenden Cameron Ovenden

Cameron Ovenden

Head of Technology and Business Development

Samil Chaladan

Samil Chaladan

QC & Production Manager

Wayne Jackson Wayne Jackson

Wayne Jackson

Warehouse Team Leader

Nathan Howe

Nathan Howe

Warehouse Team

Zoe Ovenden

Zoe Ovenden

Marketing & Design

Aleisha Trewarn

Aleisha Trewarn

Marketing Support

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