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Coming into the industry as a rural fencing contractor nine years ago, I thoroughly enjoy the construction and innovation required in varying and sometimes challenging landscapes. I was amazed how antiquated the industry could be, with basic fittings, stays and hinges seemingly not easily available. Discovering Rotech products about three years ago – I’m sold. They have a great range and innovation on their side. They have, I consider, the best on the market in general and has improved over the last few years. I have attempted to give feedback as I’m sure others have and have seen improvements to strength and quality with larger, more uniform, improved quality of product and fasteners. I have also recently seen small improvements to the little things that can be frustrating.

I use and endorse Rotech products wherever available, for price, quality, and versatility with great back up service.

Daryl Avery

Horsham, Vic

Fence Posts & Strainers

Very good product & friendly staff.

Mick McMahon

Burren Junction, NSW

Fence Posts & Strainers

Been very efficient to install.

Richard Hamilton

Narrabri, NSW

Fence Posts & Strainers

We really enjoy using your products, they’re making fencing a lot quicker for us.

Mel & Fred

Guyra, NSW

Drive-Tight Fence Posts | Fence Posts & Strainers

Fantastic end assemblies - we used the stay tight kits and also some wooden post kits - best strainer assemblies we have ever built and bomb proof as well- look great too - Love your products and will be purchasing more

Julie Birch

Albury, NSW

Fence Posts & Strainers

Very easy to put stay together. I will be getting more!

Peter Blair

Manilla, NSW

Fence Posts & Strainers

Very quick & simple to use.

Les Craggs

Bowraville, NSW

Fence Posts & Strainers

Very efficient.

Andrew Kelly


Fence Posts & Strainers

Used the Drive-Tight Assemblies. I'm 80 years old and did it all myself. Looks great, you have a good product!

Noel Green

Deniliquin, NSW

Drive-Tight Fence Posts | Fence Posts & Strainers

Very good to adjust on the post.

Rod Eggleston

Rutherglen, Vic

Bolt-On Adjustable Round Post Hinge Set | Gate Kits & Hinges

Reliable Product. I use on all farms I manage (2) and our own.

Shannon Roach

Terip Terip, Vic

Gate Kits & Hinges

Very Good

Ian Wood

Rutherglen, Vic

Gate Kits & Hinges

Great Product!

Grant Taresch

Euroa, Vic

Fence Posts & Strainers

Great product. We use on all gates. Our own and all our clients.

Jonathan Tofts

Terip Terip, Vic

Gate Kits & Hinges

Great Product.

Trent Wood


Fence Posts & Strainers

Good & Simple

Matt Plunkett

Longwood, Vic

Gate Kits & Hinges

Good, solid products. Easy to use.

Darryl Hausler

Euroa, Vic

Fence Posts & Strainers

Very good & reliable products.

Paul Phelan

Galong, NSW

Gate Kits & Hinges

Good products. Easy to use.

Dennis Leermonth

Katunga, Vic

Fence Posts & Strainers

Work well. Easy to use, fast to drive in.

Lachlan Harrison


Drive-Tight Fence Posts | Fence Posts & Strainers

Great! Easy to use.

Steve Ryan

Hobbys Yards, NSW

Drive-Tight Fence Posts | Fence Posts & Strainers

About Our Product Range

Staytight End Assemblies

Our staytight end assemblies make it possible to get your rural fence end assembly set up and finished in under 15 minutes.

Our range is also one of the most versatile and rust resistant assemblies on the market. They are hot dipped galvanised to ensure you have a product that lasts. 

Rural Gate Kits & Hinges

Our hinges and gate kits can making opening and closing your gates easy. We have a large range of farm gate kits and hinges for both timber and steel.

We have hinges to suite steel, timber and concrete gate posts, including our innovative, patent protected Bolt-On Adjustable Round Post Hinge Set (FG6). 

Farm Gate Latches & Catches

Make sure your gate stays shut with our range of rust resistant gate latches and catches. Our large range of latches and catches ensure that you will find something to suit your needs.

Whether you need to secure your gates, add new latches to your cattle yard, or want to lock up your dog box, we have something to suit.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We Want To Make Sure You Are 100% Satisfied With Our Products.

We are confident you will love your new gate hardware. We believe all of our products are easy to install, easy to use, and will outlast other options. We want to make sure that you’re having a great experience using your Rotech Rural hardware.

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