Highly Flood Resistant

More Stable in Soft & Reactive Soils

Eliminates Post Pull Out

The Original & Best Just Got Better

Watch our introductory video to learn more about the new LokDownLug upgrade to the StayTight Steel Post range.

Created In Response to Real-World Testing & Customer Feedback

Over the past five years, we’ve dealt with some severe droughts and major flooding events across Australia. We’ve picked up a ton of knowledge by seeing which fences held up and which ones didn’t.

The end assemblies that did the best in the areas with reactive soils and flood damage were the ones with extra support for the posts. Even big old concrete or timber posts tended to float and pop out of the ground more compared to the end assemblies with anchorage systems.

This knowledge and experience has helped us to create our strongest end assemblies yet through the addition of our patent-protected LokDown Lugs.

Designed For Challenging Soil Conditions

Reactive soils, black soils & deep soils.

It can be very challenging to fence in these soil types. We performed several tests in multiple regions (including the Mallee, in Victoria, and in Central Western NSW) and with end assemblies with additional anchorage far exceeded all others. They held strain season after season without popping out of the soil or moving around like most other end assemblies.

Flood-prone areas.

The force of flowing water dislodges and transports soil particles, which greatly reduces stability. Floodwaters also erode soils around fixed objects, such as end assemblies. When the soil becomes saturated, end assemblies are more likely to float to the surface or be pushed out of position due to increased water pressure. The LokDown Lugs provide additional anchorage, helping to stabilise the end assembly even in saturated soil.

Drought-affected soils.

Drought conditions can have a dramatic effect on the soil. When the soil becomes dry and desiccated, it loses a significant amount of volume. This can cause the soil to pull away, creating empty space around the end assembly. Cracks and fissures may develop, weakening the anchorage of the assembly. The hard, cracked soils are unable to maintain their normal load-bearing capacity. LokDown Lugs provide additional ground anchorage, giving the end assemblies more soil volume to hold onto and significantly increasing their stability.

What do we mean by ‘ground anchorage’?

Anchorage refers to the depth and strength at which a post is secured into the ground. Increasing anchorage provides greater resistance to external forces like tension, water, and wind. LokDown Lugs are used to provide additional anchorage, distributing the external forces applied to the end assembly over a larger volume of soil. This reduces stress and pressure on the strainer post, ensuring that the soil can support the external forces without allowing any movement.

The added anchorage also provides a stronger counterforce for the load on the strainer, as it adds more support into the soil. This allows for a heavier load on the strainer and increases frictional resistance. Friction is one of the primary mechanisms that anchors rely on to prevent movement. Anchors help improve the frictional resistance between the post and the soil, making it less likely for the post to slide or be pulled out of position when subjected to forces like tension, water, and wind.

LokDown Lugs provide 8 x more ground anchorage than a standard steel post.

How to use LokDown Lugs

The new LokDown Lugs which are included with all Rotech Rural steel post end assembly kits are easy to use and will make a huge difference in the performance of your end assembly.


Screw LocDown Lugs Onto Post

They simply screw onto your post near ground level with the provided tek screws in the kit. Our patent-protected unique design means the LokDown lugs will automatically align themselves to the correct angle on your post.


Drive In Your Star Picket

Then you simply drive a star picket into each lug to provide additional anchorage. We recommend you use a half-length star picket in most situations and a full-length star picket in soft or deep soils.


Maximum Ground Anchorage Provided

The LokDown Lugs guide the star pickets into the ground at the optimal angle to provide maximum ground anchorage and ensure your end assembly stays where it’s supposed to in all conditions.

Watch the full Fencing 101 Installation video for the upgraded MultiStay Kit to see how easy it is to install a Rotech Rural end assembly with LokDown Lugs.