A strong and reliable fence is crucial for the safety and security of your livestock and property. When it comes to fencing, you might be tempted to cut costs by building your own end assembly with pipe or timber. But investing in a StayTight assembly with a floating footplate could be a smarter choice than saving a few dollars and going the DIY route.

The Importance of a Solid End Assembly

First and foremost, it’s essential to understand that the end assembly of your fence is the backbone of its strength. If the end assembly fails, the entire fence fails. End assemblies are subjected to both vertical and horizontal forces, which is why it’s critical to do them right if you want a fence that lasts. Here’s a few key points to help you understand how our StayTight end assemblies work and will hold up to whatever conditions are thrown at them year after year.

1. Floating Footplate: Ground Movement and Flexibility

In the unpredictable Australian climate, ground movement is inevitable and beyond our control. This is why the only element that should be fixed is the strainer post. All other components of the assembly should be allowed to move with the changing conditions the fence faces. The footplate in a StayTight assembly remains “floating” on top of the ground, unpinned. Pinning it down or restricting its movement defeats its purpose and creates problems.

When you fix the footplate in place, all the weight of the fence ends up on it, leading to potential failure over time. StayTight’s floating footplate design ensures that the weight is distributed to where it’s needed the most—the base of the strainer post, resulting in a much more reliable and long-lasting fence.

2. Tension Cable: Strengthening the Strainer Post

The tension cable in a StayTight assembly plays a critical role in transferring the weight to the base of the strainer post, where it’s most needed. Without this cable, the weight of the fence would fall on the footplate (or the end of your stay), making it more likely to sink over time and causing the entire assembly to fail.

The tension cable on StayTight end assemblies reduces the chances of the strainer post lifting out of the ground. The cable also takes off as much as 2/3 of the weight from the footplate which makes it unlikely that the footplate will sink, leading to a more durable fence.

3. Adjustment: Maintaining Tension and Control

Within 24 hours of erecting a fence, it begins to lose tension, and this tension loss continues throughout its lifespan. Adjusting the fence allows you to respond to changes in the fence line before they become problematic. StayTight end assemblies give you control over the adjustment by tightening the tension cable. This level of control isn’t possible with traditional timber assemblies, welded steel assemblies, or assemblies with stays concreted into the ground or fixed to a second shorter post.

A well-maintained fence line will serve you for many years, and having control over its tension is essential. It allows you to prevent nature from dictating the fence’s condition entirely, ensuring that your investment in fencing stands strong.

4. Post Pull-Out: Handling Challenging Soils

One of the most common reasons for end assembly failure is post pull-out. In many cases, the soil may not have the strength to support the load of a fence. StayTight offers a solution to this problem by introducing LokDown lugs that give your posts eight times more ground anchorage than regular posts. This means they can handle any type of soil, including deep black soils, flood-prone areas, or rocky terrain.

If the stay is not supporting the load of the fence and holding your strainer vertical it will lean and start to pull out. Using a floating footplate with a tension cable that can be adjusted and tightened makes sure that the stay supports the load of the fence and keeps your strainer post vertical.

Investing in a StayTight assembly with a floating footplate is the wise choice for Australian farmers. The floating footplate, tension cable, adjustment control, and improved post anchorage provided by StayTight ensure that your fence will stand the test of time, no matter the challenges the Australian landscape throws at it. Don’t compromise on the integrity of your farm fencing; choose StayTight for reliability and peace of mind and get your farm fences sorted.