1. Drive-in or concrete in the strainer post (depending on your post). If you are using a Drive-Tight post or an angle post, first dig a shallow hole. The hole should be about 300mm round and 150mm deep. Now drive the post into the hole until the anchor pin lugs are just below ground level. Then drive 1/2 length star pickets in at 45° angles to anchor the post down.
  2. Place the tension cable loop over the strainer post and lower it to the ground. Now walk the cable and eye-bolt out to where the footplate will be.
  3. Attach the stay to the strainer post using the Twist-Tight post and stay connector provided (angle posts only require the tongue and the M12 bolt provided).
  4. Now insert the tongue on the footplate into the bottom of the stay.
  5. Next, push the eye-bolt through the hole in the footplate tongue and loosely thread the nut on.
  6.  Position the stay so that it is pointing in the same direction that the fence will travel.
  7.  Finally, tighten up the nut on the Twist-Tight post clamp and the nut on the eye bolt until there is no slack in the cable. Test the tension of the cable by stepping on it. The cable should spring back when you take your foot off.