Load Rated D-Shackles Galvanised

Galvanised LOAD RATED D-Shackles

Easy to use. Strong. Rust proof.

Looking for a strong D-shackle for heavy lifting and towing? Our load rated D-shackles are perfect for supporting a heavy load.

ABOUT ROTECH's Load Rated D-Shackles

Our shackles are perfect for heavy lifting and static systems where a reliable strong D-shackle is needed. 

Each load rated screw pin shackle comes with a galvanised steel body and yellow screw pin.

They can be used the same as regular D-shackles however, the rating means you know how much load they will safely be able to handle.


HOt TIP: Don't Weld THEM!

Welding a load rated shackle will reduce its working load limit. 

Why Customers Love Our Load Rated D-Shackles


Extremely Strong


Easy To Use


Rust Resistant

Specifications & PRICING

CodeShackle ØPin ØInternal WidthWorking Load LimitUnits Per BoxRRP Per UnitInc. GST

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Frequently Asked Questions

What standards do your load tested shackles meet?

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How can I tell if my D-Shackle is load rated?

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How To Choose A D-SHACKLE

A D-shackle is a great option if you want to attach your chain to other objects. However, you will want to make sure you pick the right D-shackle for your chain.

When choosing a D-shackle, you will need to find out the inside width of the chain link. The pin of the D-shackle will need to be smaller than this width in order for it to fit through your chain link. 

To find the inside width of the chain, simply subtract 2x the chain link diameter from the total width. For example, here is how you would calculate the inside width of an 8mm chain:

27mm (width) - 2 x 8mm (diameter) = 11mm (inside width)

In this example, the inside width of an 8mm chain is 11mm. This means you would want to get a D-shackle with a pin diameter (Ø) of 10mm or less. (An 11mm pin might be too tight a fit). 


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