Cattle Rail Post Cap

Cattle RAil Caps

A Smooth Rust Resistant Capping

Looking for a smooth finish for your cattle rail? Our cattle rail caps will stop water getting in and corroding your rails.


Our rail caps stop water and spiders from getting into your rails. Just put them on the end of your rail and hammer them on with a rubber mallet. It's that simple.

Our cap is designed to fit perfectly on a 115mm by 42mm post - the most common cattle yard rail size. Each galvabond cattle rail cap is made from quality steel to ensure a long lasting and durable cap.

Each cap has little ridges on the inside, which means once the cap is on, it wont come off.

115m x 42mm

to fit most cattle yard rails

Why  customers love our Cattle Rail caps


Smooth Finish


Rust Resistant


Won't Come Off

Specifications & PRICING

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*Retail pricing shown is a guide only. Prices will vary depending on store location and quantities. Freight costs are not included in this price guide. All pricing includes 10% GST.


Wondering what a galvabond finish is? What's the difference between a galvanised cap versus a galvabond cap?

A galvanised product, is when the product is made then hot dipped galvanised.

A cattle yard galvabond cap is created when we get a pre-galvanised sheet and punch the cap out. This creates a lot smoother finish, yet still remains corrosion resistant.

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