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Stay-Tight Fitting Kits

Drive-Tight® Exclusion Fence End Assembly Kits*

Unique Patented Design. Australia’s Strongest and Largest Hand Drivable Posts !

Looking for a heavy duty end assembly that’s quick and easy to install? The Drive-Tight posts require only half the driving force of round pipe.

*Patent Protected

Need A Higher Fence?

If you are looking to keep out dogs, kangaroos, pigs and goats, you will be interested in our new 2400mm Drive-tight strainer post.

The 2400mm (8’) high Drive-Tight Strainer when used in conjunction with out StayTight Fitting kits and stays provides an industry leading option for supporting your Exclusion Fence.

Our Exclusion Strainer Assemblies are designed especially for the supporting heavy duty prefabricated fencing up to 1600mm high.

While most other manufactures have chosen 80nb or 90nb pipe strainers, Rotech Rural have decided to offer an exclusion fence strainer manufactured from 100nb (114mm OD) pipe with a 4.5mm heavy wall.

This larger and heavier post resists damage during installation and due to the greater stability once installed always holds up with ease, even under that most gruelling and heavy duty applications.

Drivetight Exclusion Fencing


Do you have a requirement that is non standard?

You are in luck, we can help!

The StayTight Fitting Kits, offer the user almost unlimited options when it comes to customised requirements in strainer assemblies.

Due to the fact our system fits perfectly to plain unprocessed pipe, and requires no pre-drilled holes or prefabricated brackets, the user can choose the post height that best suits his exclusion fence.

Our standard StayTight Tension cable can be used on post heights up to 1800mm, and can be easily extended to suit posts up to 2 meters.

Post can also be driven in to any depth, whatever is most suited to the soil type or conditions.

As our system does not rely on the position of any predrilled holes, just suit yourself with height, everything will still work.

Exclusion Fence Post And Stay

Why Customers Love Our EXCLUSION FENCE End ASsemblies


Strong & Long Lasting


Takes Less Than 15 Minutes To Install


Fully Adjustable

Specifications & Pricing

Complete Assemblies

CodePost ØPost Wall ThicknessPost LengthStay ØStay Wall ThicknessStay LengthUnits Per PackRRP Per UnitInc. GST
(114mm O.D)
(60mm O.D)

*Retail pricing shown is a guide only. Prices will vary depending on store location and quantities. Freight costs are not included in this price guide. All pricing includes 10% GST.

INCLUDES: Drive-Tight Exclusion Post, Cap, Stay, Post & Stay Connector, Footplate, & Tension Assembly.

Exclusion Drive-Tight Posts

CodePost ØPost Wall ThicknessPost LengthUnits Per PackRRP Per UnitInc. GST
(114mm O.D)

*Retail pricing shown is a guide only. Prices will vary depending on store location and quantities. Freight costs are not included in this price guide. All pricing includes 10% GST.

Want to install your end assembly even faster?

Our tube spanners are designed specifically to tight the tension cables that come with many of our end assembly kits. It is suited for an 18mm nut (M12). The spanner is 450mm long to fit over the end of the cable assemblies long eye bolt. The extra long socket allows you to tighten the nut quickly and easily. 

It suits a 0.5 inch drive for your compact drill and can also be used with a standard ratchet. 

CodeLengthNutDriveUnits Per PackRRP Per UnitInc. GST

*Retail pricing shown is a guide only. Prices will vary depending on store location and quantities. Freight costs are not included in this price guide. All pricing includes 10% GST.

Need A New Gate Kit For Your DriveTight Assembly?

Looking for an easy to install, adjustable bolt on hinge set that won't bruise your livestock?

Check out our bolt-on adjustable round post gate kits!

Our bolt-on adjustable hinge for round posts, are perfect no matter your post size.

There are tens of thousands of FG6's scattered around the country, all doing one thing really well. Smoothly swinging gates.

They do this effortlessly, thanks to their design and the 20% extra strength they have over alternative kits. 

A perfect addition to your Exclusion Fence End Assembly.

Bolt-On Adjustable Round Post Hinge Set


In this video we walk you through the process of installing your drive tight post and end assembly kit.

Tip: Where you put your post, dig a dinner plate sized hole about 150mm deep and drive your post in. This will allow you cover the top of the lugs and any star pickets you drive. This gives you a cleaner look and is safer for any livestock.

Note: The post shown in the video is our standard Drive-Tight post. While the post in the video may be shorter, the same installation process applies.

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