Wire Rope

Galvanised Wire Rope

Strong. Flexible. Long Lasting.

Looking for a simple and long lasting solution to your rigging or fencing needs? Our galvanised wire rope offers the flexibility and strength to be used for huge range of applications.

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Long Lasting

Specifications & PRICING

CodeWire ØBundles x StrandsCoreMetres / RollKGs / RollRRPInc. GST
GWR033mm6 x 19Fibre100m3kg$56.10*
GWR055mm6 x 19Fibre100m9kg$117.70*
GWR066mm6 x 19Fibre100m12kg$134.20*
GWR088mm6 x 19Fibre100m23kg$203.50*
GWR1010mm6 x 19Fibre100m35kg$297.00*
GWR1212mm6 x 36Steel100m60kg$750.20*

*Recommended retail price only. Prices may vary depending on store location. All pricing includes 10% GST.

Galvanised Wire Rope Thimbles


are available in a variety of sizes should you require them.

Wire Rope Construction

Wire rope is made up of bundles and strands around a fibre or steel core.

The number of strands will determine the flexibility, fatigue and wear resistance of the wire rope.

The more wires, the more flexibility, but the less wear resistance. A 7 x 7 construction would be less flexible than a 6 x 19, but it would be more abrasion resistant.

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Fibre Core Wire Rope

6 x 19 Fibre Core Wire Rope

Steel Core Wire Rope

7 x 19 Steel Core Wire Rope

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