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A Strong, Stock Proof Bolt-Through Latch

Looking for a simple and secure latch for your concrete post? Our  concrete post spring latches are strong and easy to install.

Key Features

Stock Proof

Fast & Easy To Install

Long Lasting


If you are looking for a more secure and stock proof alternative to your standard concrete latches, then our spring latches are an excellent solution.

Our spring latches are slightly different from our competitors. On each latch we there is an indent in the stainless steel circle ring that has been custom designed to resist sideways movement. This ensures a secure and longer lasting latch.

Individually Tested!

We assemble and test all of our spring hooks individually to guarantee quality and a secure spring.

Simple TO Install

Just push the long eye bolt through the precast hole and tighten up the nuts.

Find Your Local Stockist

With almost 500 stockists Australia wide, we’re sure you’ll find a local store near you.