Bolt-on adjustable round post hinge set*

Simple. Adjustable. Perfect for livestock.

Looking for an easy to install, adjustable bolt on hinge set that won't bruise your livestock? Our bolt-on adjustable hinge for round posts, are perfect no matter your post size.


* Patent Protected


This patent protected heavy duty hinge set (also known as the FG6), is specially made for swinging rural gates on round steel pipe.

The hinge will support the gate in any position throughout swing a full 180 degrees without twisting due to its unique “CUBELOK” Gudgeon pin assembly.

To add even more rigidity, when supporting extra-long or heavy gates, the hinge straps contain predrilled holes that can be utilised to fix the hinge straps to the posts with screws.

The Gudgeon pin on the Rotech FG6 is a full 75mm long and is fitted with a heavy duty Nylon bush.This ensures the base of the gate is held securely, and swings effortlessly.

The Nylon bush protects both the pin and the inside of the gate, ensuring the galvanised surface is not worn away. We have found the steel pins used by most other manufactures of these type of hinges tend to rust as the galvanised coating gets worn off

Once the gal coating is worn away, the affected surfaces of both the gate and pin form rust. This in turn creates friction, grinding away the metal surfaces and making your gate hard to open and placing far more pressure on your hinge. 

Rusty gudgeon pins will eventually irreparably damage the gate or break off. The FG6's Nylon bush stops that from happening

The 6mm hot rolled steel used in the Rotech hinge straps ensures smooth burr free edges and maximum strength, making it at least 20% stronger than the 5mm material used by some other manufactures. ​

The real secret to the strength of the Rotech FG6 is the patented “CUBE LOK” gudgeon pin mounting assembly. This unique innovation allows the gudgeon pin to be adjusted away from the post but supports it in such a way that it is bolted in place both horizontally and vertically, making it the strongest adjustable pin on the market.

To add extra strength we include a long nut on the bottom of the hinge assembly, giving our adjustable hinge set twice the holding power of an adjustable hinge with a standard nut. This added strength mean your nut won't slip over time (which is a problem with other gate hinges). Rotech's FG6 means no more sagging gates. 

What's best is they require no welding or grinding! That means they are perfect for summer - no fire risk! It is no wonder government departments and mines love this gate kit!

Don’t risk a cheaper alternative. There is nothing truly like the Rotech FG6!

They suit:




Fully Adjustable

The bottom gudgeon pin on this bolt-on round post gate kit has the ablity to move backwards and forwards.This allows you to slightly raise or lower your gate.

Now, you can get the swing just right

Easy To Install

The FG6 can be installed in minutes, with no welding or drilling. All you need is a shifter. 

Because this is a bolt-on gate kit, it can be taken off, adjusted, turned around, etc at any time, easily.

ANti-BRUISE Technology

The interlocking design of the FG6 is smooth, with no protrusions.

It's one less thing that could cause damage to your valuable stock.

What's Included

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    4 post straps (2 x 2 halves).
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    Adjustable gudgeon pin and bracket.
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    Saddle attacment
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    4 bolts and 4 nuts

our #1 Seller

There are tens of thousands of FG6's scattered around the country, all doing one thing really well. Smoothly swinging gates.

They do this effortlessly, thanks to their design and the 20% extra strength they have over alternative kits.


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