Lowloc Bolt Through Timber Post Gate Kit
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Bolt-Through Low Loc Timber Post Gate Kit

Get Your Gate Close To The Ground

Looking for a low level, and easy to mark out timber post gate kit? Our bolt-through 'Low Loc' timber post gate kits are strong and easy to install.

About Our Low LOC Gate KIts

The 'Low Loc' (east-west) design enables you to get your gate close to the ground. This helped you keep stock in and predators out.

All of our gate kits are made from steel and are hot dipped galvanised to ensure strong and long lasting kit.

With a 16mm thread, it can be easily installed with an 18mm auger.

Adjustable Nylon Gudgeon

Do you want more control over the angle of your gate and how far away it sits from your fence post? Our gudgeon stop is fully adjustable. The top strap is also fitted with an adjustable keeper plate to keep your gate locked in nice and tight without any unwanted movement.

The nylon gudgeon itself is non-tapered except for the slight tapering at the top so you can easily push your gate on. Within the gudgeon is a metal pin for added strength.

It has been designed to be taller than most other gudgeons for extra secure. The longer length means that it is harder to pull the bottom of the gate off.

And if you are worried about UV damage, the nylon gudgeon is designed to fit fully inside the gate where the sun can't reach it.



In this video we walk you through the installation process for our bolt-through 'Low Loc' timber post gate kit. Check it out.

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What's Included

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    A bottom gudgeon with a 25NB nylon bush.
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    Top strap.
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    A removable keeper plate.
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    Four nuts and four 50mm washers.
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    Your choice of latch (below).

Large 50mm Washers 

This ensures the gate kit doesn't pull through the post.

Why Customers lOve our LOW LOC range


Low To The Ground


Strong & Long Lasting


Fully Adjustable

Specifications & PRICING

CodeGatePost ØUnits Per BoxRRP Per UnitInc. GST
FG3LL40025NB< 400mm10$20.90*

*Recommended retail price only. Prices may vary depending on store location. All pricing includes 10% GST.

Recommended Latches

CodeChain LengthLatch TypeUnits Per BoxRRP Per UnitInc. GST
CLS500500mmHook Latch25$8.25*
CLS500S500mmSpring Hook Latch25$11.28*
KL350350mmKnob Latch25$7.98*
SCLR350350mmRing Latch25$9.90*
SCLR500S500mmSpring Ring Latch25$13.75*
ORL350350mmOval Ring Latch25$12.93*

*Recommended retail price only. Prices may vary depending on store location. All pricing includes 10% GST.

Hook Latch (CLS)

Hook Latch

Hook Spring Latch (CLSS)

Spring Hook Latch

Knob Latch (KL)

Knob Latch 

Ring Latch (SCLR)

Ring Latch

Spring Ring Latch (SCLRS)

Spring Ring Latch

Oval Ring Latch (ORL)

Oval Ring Latch

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