Anti-Loose Latch

Anti Loose Latches

Easy to install latches that won't shake loose.

Need a solid latch for your ute or trailer that won't rattle loose? Our anti-loose latches won't come undone, unlike other latches which can pop open as they wear and get old.

ABout The Rotech Anti-Loose Latch

Ever been driven down a corrugated road only to have your old latches loosen and pop open due to wear and tear? Our anti-loose latches will stay secure no matter how old they are.

Our zinc plated anti-loose latches are made from quality steel to ensure a long lasting secure latch.

Their design allows you to shut your tail gate, spin the locking mechanism which will drop down and ensure your tail gate remains shut and secure. When in the locked position, you can also use a padlock to ensure that the latch can't be opened without a key.

Secure made easy.

Don't have your latches loosen and pop open again!


Easy To Install


Secure & Long Lasting 


Zinc Plated

Specifications & PRICING

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How To Install A Anti-Loose Latch

Installing an anti-loose latch is relatively simple.

  1. Drill a hole in your side board or tailgate the same diameter as the weld-on plate at the back.
  2. Poke the weld-on plate into the hold and weld it in.
  3. Drill a hole into a corresponding surface for the latch to slide through and secure. Alternatively, install a panel or plate that the latch can be secured through.

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Don't Forget!

to lubricate your latches. It makes a world of difference!

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