Two Way Catch

Two way Catches

Versatile & Simple Latch

Looking for a easy to install and simple latch for your personal access gates? Our two way catches are a good lightweight latch for your smaller gates.

About Our Two Way Latches

Our two way latches are made from zinc plated steel. These lightweight latches  allow you to swing a gate closed from either side. When the gate hits the bevelled lug, it pushes the lug up allowing the gate to slide in. Once the gate is in, the lug will drop back down, holding the gate in place. 

We don't recommended them for stockyards, however they are excellent if you need a secure latch for personal access and residential gates.


Why Customers Love Our Two Way Catches


Easy To Install


Screw-On or Weld-On


Rust Resistant

Specifications & PRicing

CodeGateBase Size (W x L)FinishUnits Per BoxRRP Per UnitInc. GST
TWC2020NB78 x 108mmZinc Plated10$15.90*
TWC2525NB94 x 118mmZinc Plated10$15.13*
TWC3232NB94 x 118mmZinc Plated10$15.73*

*Recommended retail price only. Prices may vary depending on store location. All pricing includes 10% GST.

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