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Secure Gate Kit For Your Steel Posts

Looking for a simple and strong gate kit? Our weld-on U-type gate kits are easy to install, and perfect for your 25NB gate.

Key Features

Steel Post

Weld On

Not Adjustable

Versatile – Suits All Post Shapes

Zinc Plated

What’s Included In the GATE KIT?

If security is a concern, this is the hinge set for you. Once this hinge is welded onto the post, the gate isn’t going anywhere. For a very affordable price, you get a simple, versatile, and robust hinge set. Peace of mind doesn’t need to come at a premium.

Our zinc plated gate kit allow you install and lock up your gate using a minimal amount of pieces. The gate kit includes:

  • A weld on steel pin.
  • A weld on saddle. 

Buy IT Separately

If you want to purchase either the saddle or the bottom pin only, you can find ​more details here.

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