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Secure Gate Kit For Your Steel Posts

Looking for a simple and strong gate kit? Our weld-on U-type gate kits are easy to install, and perfect for your 25NB gate.

Key Features

Steel Post

Weld On

Not Adjustable

Suits All Post Shapes

Zinc Plated

What’s Included In the GATE KIT?

If security is a concern, this is the hinge set for you. Once this hinge is welded onto the post, the gate isn’t going anywhere. For a very affordable price, you get a simple, versatile, and robust hinge set. Peace of mind doesn’t need to come at a premium.

Our zinc plated gate kit allow you install and lock up your gate using a minimal amount of pieces. The gate kit includes:

  • A weld on steel pin.
  • A weld on saddle. 

Buy IT Separately

If you want to purchase either the saddle or the bottom pin only, you can find ​more details here.

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