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A Smooth Rust Resistant Capping

Looking for a smooth finish for your RHS? Our square post caps will stop water getting in and corroding your RHS posts.

Key Features

Smooth Finish

Rust Resistant

Won’t Come Off

About Our Square Caps

Our post caps stop water and spiders from getting into your posts. Just put them on top of your post and hammer them on with a rubber mallet. It’s that simple.

Each galvabond square post cap is made from mild steel to ensure a long lasting and strong cap.

Each cap has little ridges on the inside, which means once the cap is on, it wont come off.

What is A Galvabond FinisH?

Wondering what a galvabond finish is? What’s the difference between a galvanised cap versus a galvabond cap?

A galvanised product, is when the product is made then hot dipped galvanised.

A galvabond cap is created when we get a pre-galvanised sheet and punch the cap out. This creates a lot smoother finish, yet still remains corrosion resistant.

Square Plastic Post Caps

Plastic Caps

are available should you require them.

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