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Fast & Easy Post And Rail Fences

Make installing post and rail fencing a breeze on steel or timber posts with our RailTight End Brackets. Available for flat or round posts and sold as a pair.

Key Features

Horse Safe:

The smooth, sleek design provides a safe, clean, anti-bruise join.


Easy and convenient DIY installation. No welding or grinding.

Professional and Top Quality:

Very neat, fully enclosed design, giving a high-quality finish.


Our innovative design (patent pending) makes creating angled rails easy! The unique design allows for angled rail with welding necessary. Simply cut your rail to the length and angle required. Proudly Australian designed!

How To Install RailTight End Brackets

See how easy DIY post & rail fencing can be with the RailTight end brackets.

This installation guide will walk you through the steps required to get your post and rail fence sorted.

Why Choose RailTight for your Post & Rail Fence

Ease of Installation

With RailTight End Brackets, you don’t need a welder and generator to install your post and rail fence. Just screw on the end bracket and the rail slots over—even for angled rails.

High Quality Finish

Our fully enclosed design means that your post and rail fence will look neat and professionally installed, even though you can quickly and easily do it yourself.

Safe For Horses & Other Livestock

Our innovative patent pending design is anti-bruise and safe for your horses and livestock with clean, smooth edges.