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The most convenient end assembly kit. Load on and go!

Are you looking for an end assembly that doesn’t require any welding or drilling? Once you drive your strainer post in, our bolt-on round post assembly kits take less than five minutes to install.

Key Features

Fast Install


Galvanised Components

No Welding

Works on any angle




*per assembly kit (5 kits per tub)

Patent Protected


When it comes to end assemblies, you want something that’s built to last. Rotech Rural’s LocDown Lugs give our posts 8 times more ground anchorage than regular posts, so they can handle any kind of soil (even deep black soils), flood-prone areas or rocky terrain. You can trust that your end assemblies will stay put, no matter the conditions. Plus, the larger ground anchorage can support heavier strains without shifting or leaning. With LocDown Lugs, you can have peace of mind knowing your fence is going to stay put.

New Stainless Steel Eyebolt Option!

Available now! This option features a stainless steel eyebolt, making it our most corrosion-resistant end assembly ever. It is a must-have for all coastal regions.

Key Features

Can withstand salt air

Corrosion Resistant

Fast installation



Upgrade your next end assembly for less than $5. Look for the Stainless Steel option in-store or when you request a quote for your next project.

How Important Is Your Time? 

If you are looking for an easy and quick way to install an end assembly kit, then our kits are perfect for you. Once your strainer post is in, all it takes is five minutes and your end assembly is done.

If you use one of our Drive-Tight strainer post kits, you can have the whole fence assembly installed in fifteen minutes!

This can save you hours of work. You could easily do 10 to 30 assemblies in a day compared to the average 2 or 3.

If you only have one assembly to install, then you can spend the rest of your day doing something else that will make you more money (Or you could just sit back and enjoy the rest of your day).

About Our End Assemblies

Our kits are all made from steel and are either hot-dipped galvanised, galvabond or stainless steel. This means they are termite proof, fireproof and long-lasting.

These kits are perfect if you have a pneumatic driver or proper setup. If you are looking to drive your posts in by hand, we recommend you purchase our Drive-Tight strainer post kits. They take less than 15 minutes to drive your post in and install the strainer kit!

With this kit, you have the choice of an 80NB or 100NB strainer post. Each strainer post is slightly longer and thicker than your standard post, allowing you to drive it in. You can also choose between a 40NB stay (good general-purpose stay), or a 50NB stay (more heavy-duty).

Rotech strainer assemblies are the best, quickest and easiest system you could ever use, I tell everyone I meet.

Murray Lupton

How To Install Your Machine Drivable ROUND POST END ASSEMBLY KIT

Once you have put your post into the ground, you can then install your end assembly kits. This video walks you step-by-step through the installation process for our Drive-Tight Post End Assembly Kits. The end assembly kit installation starts at 2:27.

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Why Choose a Floating Footplate?

A strong and reliable fence is crucial for the safety and security of your livestock and property and the strength of your fence starts with your end assembly.

An end assembly with a floating footplate can reduce post pull-out, maintain tension for longer, and perform better in challenging soil conditions. It ensures the load from your fence ends up at the post where it should be. Read the full article to find out more about choosing the right end assembly and the advantages of Rotech Rural’s floating footplate and tension cable design.

Read The Article

Want to install your end assembly even faster?

Our tube spanners are designed specifically to tighten the tension cables that come with many of our end assembly kits. It is suited for an 18mm nut (M12). The spanner is 450mm long to fit over the end of the cable assembly’s long eye bolt. The extra-long socket allows you to tighten the nut quickly and easily. 

It suits a 0.5-inch drive for your compact drill and can also be used with a standard ratchet. 

CodeLengthNutDriveUnits Per PackRRP Per Unit Inc. GST

*Retail pricing shown is a guide only. Prices will vary depending on store location and quantities. Freight costs are not included in this price guide. All pricing includes 10% GST.

STS Tube Socket Spanner

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