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Long lasting & strong.

Looking for some strong galvanised steel fence posts? Our DRIVE-TIGHT steel strainer posts are perfect for the job and easy to install.

InstallingYourDriveTightHand-Driven Post

Installing your Drive-Tight steel fence posts is easy with the DriveTight post driver.

To install your posts you’ll need to purchase or hire a DriveTight Post Driver. Hire is available only at selected stockist rural stores. Enquire with your local store about hire availability.

Key Features


Easy Install

Strong 100NB (114mm O.D) Posts

No Machinery Required

Termite Resistant

Fire Resistant


Many people don’t believe how easy it is to manually drive in our Drive-Tight fence posts. In the following video, you can see for yourself how easy it is to install a Drive-Tight Post and End Assembly.

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