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Australia’s Strongest Stay Connector

Looking for a strong and long-lasting stay connector? Our heavy-duty hot-dipped galvanised Twist-Tight post and stay connectors will keep your fences standing and secure.

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Key Features

No Drilling

No Welding


Easy Install

Fast Install



Stay Connector Setup

Connects 40NB & 50NB stays to 80NB, 100NB & 150NB posts

About Our UNIQUE Post & Stay Connectors

Do you want a simple to install and strong stay connector? Our twist tight post and stay connectors allow you to securely connect a wide range of post and stay sizes with our unique design.

The connector consists of a bolt on clamp and a Twist-Tight tongue. 

Rather than flat, the Twist-Tight™ tongue is twisted. This twist covers the whole inside of the stay, resulting in a stronger and more secure hold. 

The tongue is tapered at one end so it is easy to install. It then widens at the base and locks in. We have also added a disk at the base to stop water and spiders from getting into your stay.

The tongue itself can be used in wooden posts, or connected to a steel post using our clamps. 

Our clamps can easily be wrapped around the post then tightened and connected to the tongue using a single nut and bolt. It’s quick and easy to install and you can run as many stays as you want at any angle.

ABout Our Twist Tight Range

We Build Them Strong

The Twist-Tight post and stay connectors have been designed specifically for farm fences, not security fences. Made from steel, then hot dipped galvanised, you get a strong stay connector that lasts.

One bolt secures the tongue and clamps down onto the post. A bolt is far more secure than just pushing a stay into a pre-drilled hole. The tongue also goes 125mm down into the stay, significantly increasing the strength and effectiveness of the clamp.

A Simple & Unique Anti-Bruise Solution

The smooth, interlocking design of the Twist-Tight clamp eliminates the risk of livestock damage.

No Welding Or Drilling

These clamps don’t require hauling around a welder, or drilling holes into your steel fence post (which could lead to water getting in and rusting your post).

All that is needed to install a Twist-Tight clamp is a shifter. It couldn’t be easier.

Incredibly Versatile 

Compared to alternative options the Twist-Tight clamp is the most flexible, allowing for adjustment at any stage of the fences lifespan. It can easily be set at any height and angle around your post. This is not possible with stay that has been welded or inserted into pre-drilled holes.

How to Install a Post and Stay Connector

Watch and learn the steps on how to install Rotech Rural’s Twist-Tight Post and Stay Connector.

In this video we walk you through the process of installing your post and stay connector.

How TO Choose the Right Stay Connector

A common challenge many people have is picking the right tongue for their stay pipes.

One factor you will need to consider is, as your stay pipe walls thicken the tongue size gets smaller. This is why we have several different tongue sizes.

Before buying your stay connector, measure the outside diameter and thickness of your stay pipe. Refer to the Stay Ø and Stay Wall Thickness in the above specification table to find which stay connector is best for you. 

Once you have found the right stay, double-check your upright Post Ø for the correct round post clamp.

If you have not yet purchased your stay, 40NB is a good all-around size for most applications. If you need something heavy-duty go for 50NB.

Click here for more information on steel pipe sizes.


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Warning: Be Careful of 90NB Pipe!

90NB posts aren’t common in Australia. However, sometimes a store will ship it from overseas and sell them at a cheap price.

The problem is the 90NB outside diameter (O.D) is 100mm. As a result, it often gets confused with a 100NB post, which has an outside diameter of 114mm.

A common issue is a customer will go into a shop and ask for a 100mm post, thinking they are requesting the common 100NB post. However, they get a rude shock when they get the 90NB post, which is technically 100mm in diameter.

The problem arises when you try to get an end assembly or clamp for a 90NB post and none fit!

It can be difficult to find good clamps for 90NB fence posts in Australia.

So how can you check what pipes you have? Refer to our pipe sizing chart.