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Strong. Adjustable. Versatile.

This latch has it all! It’s versatile, compact and completely adjustable. It can be screwed on or welded on, and it can be secured with a padlock. An all-round universal latch.

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About Rotech’s Over-Centre Latch

Looking for a latch to secure your tailgate, drop sides, or maybe your toolbox or dog box doors? Our over-centre latches allow you to secure and fasten a wide range of doors and gates. 

The are made from zinc plated mild steel, to ensure a strong latch that lasts.

And they are completed adjustable! We have three different sizes, which can be screwed in to have a tight short length latch, or screwed out to give your latch a bit of reach. This allows you to install the latch and do the fine tuning adjustments afterward. 

Don’t want your valuables to go missing? These latches can be padlocked to ensure your belongings are secure. 

How does THE latch work?

Each latch assembly consists of the over centre latch itself, which is one piece, and a hook plate as well.

The latch is set in the lock position when the lever is down. As you open the lever up, the ring section will loosen and unlatch.

When you push the lever down, it pulls the ring section tight up against the hook plate.

Don’t Forget to lubricate your latches. It will make your latch smoother to use & last longer.

How To Install An Over-Centre LAtch

  1. Install the latch on first. You can either weld or screw the latch on. This could be on the tailgate of your ute or trailer.
  2. Line up and install the hooks on the other surface. This could the sides of your trailer or a post.
  3. Once the latch and hook are on you can easily adjust your latch. The threaded section comes preset in the middle so you can tighten or loosen the latch. Screw up or loosen it till you get a snug fit when the latch is closed.

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