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Simple. Strong. Rust Resistant.

Need a post driver for your Drive-Tight Post? Our galvanised post drivers are designed specifically to drive these posts in with minimal hassle.


Our round post driver is designed specifically for our Drive Tight posts. It is made from 120NB pipe so it can easily fit over 100NB strainers.  Weighing at 21kg, it has enough weight to help you drive the post in, but still light enough to lift.

Made from quality steel, and hot dipped galvanised, you can trust that it will last.

TIp TO Using Our Post Drivers

Are you worried about lifting 21kg on top of your Drive Tight strainer post? 

A simple solution is to lie your strainer post on the ground with the picket end towards the hole. Slide the post driver over the round end of the post.

Grab the handles of the post driver and pull up the post. It will fall into the hole and you can start driving straight away.