The 2019-2020 bushfire season has devastated farmers and communities across the country. As part of our ongoing commitment to rural and regional Australia, we’re here to support farmers in rebuilding their fire-damaged fences. 

Supporting Our Neighbours Program From NSW Local Land Services

The NSW government has recently announced a new program offering financial assistance for bushfire-affected landholders whose property borders public lands. 

Private landholders who share a boundary with public land and were impacted by the Northern and Southern fires of late 2019 and early 2020 are eligible to receive up to $5,000 per kilometre to contribute to the replacement of damaged boundary fences.

For more information, or to apply, visit the NSW Local Land Services website.

Our Connection To Rural Australia

We are based in Northern NSW and are surrounded by some of the areas hit hardest by this summers fires. Our team live and work in rural Australia. And to us, it’s more than just an address, it’s our home.

Our products are designed with Australian farmers in mind, and our distributors who have made it possible for us to become one of Australia’s fastest-growing rural fencing brands are all based in rural and regional areas. For more than 20 years, our mission has been to provide farmers with quality, innovative, reliable, and affordable rural hardware and do so with integrity. We’ve worked closely with farmers to develop our range of products, and now we want to support farmers in rebuilding.

Available Government Assistance

The Australian Government has committed $100 million in emergency grants for Primary Producers.

Up to $75,000 is available to farmers, fishers and foresters located in declared bushfire disaster areas. This is to cover costs for immediate and emergency needs not covered by existing insurance policies.

For More information and to check your eligibility visit the Department of Agriculture, Water and The Environment website.

Our Advice For Rebuilding

Plan For The Future

When rebuilding your fences consider how they’d look ideally, and don’t just rebuild where they were before the fires. Consider how your fences, laneways and gateways affect your everyday productivity and build your new fences for how you’re going to use them, not how they were built before.

Use Fire-Resistant Materials

As unfortunate as it is, bushfires are a reality in Australian summers, so when rebuilding your fences, we recommend you opt for fire-proof and fire-resistant materials. Choose steel strainer posts and stays over timber ones, and make sure your gate hardware will stand up to the heat.

Use High-Quality, Long-Lasting Hardware

Just because a job has to be done quickly doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done right. Don’t let quality slip because your fence repairs are urgent. Use high-quality, long-lasting materials or you’ll be fencing all over again when the ‘quick-fix’ wears out.

Reach Out If You Have Questions

Haven’t had to rebuild fences for a while? Not sure what strainer posts will work best in your soil? Not sure where to begin? Reach out to our rural fencing experts if you have questions, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Affected by the recent Australian bushfires and need assistance repairing and rebuilding your fences? 

Contact our friendly team for free advice on the best end assemblies and gate hardware for your farm. 

Supporting BlazeAid

Rotech Rural is a proud supporter of BlazeAid, and our easy-to-install end assemblies and gate hardware have been used to rebuild fire-damaged fencing by BlazeAid volunteers. Visit the BlazeAid website to see how you can assist with bushfire recovery.

Rotech’s Products Can Help You Get Your Fences Rebuilt Sooner, And More Cost Effectively.

Part of our long-standing relationship with farmers in rural Australia is developing products that make their lives easier and keeping the prices of our products as affordable as we can. Many of our products are designed to be installed without machinery, without welding, and in as little as 15 minutes—without costing you more. Explore our range of easy-install products below.

Find Your Local Stockist

With almost 500 stockists Australia wide, we’re sure you’ll find a local store near you.

About Our Product Range

Staytight End Assemblies

Our staytight end assemblies make it possible to get your rural fence end assembly set up and finished in under 15 minutes.

Our range is also one of the most versatile and rust resistant assemblies on the market. They are hot dipped galvanised to ensure you have a product that lasts. 

Rural Gate Kits & Hinges

Our hinges and gate kits can making opening and closing your gates easy. We have a large range of farm gate kits and hinges for both timber and steel.

We have hinges to suite steel, timber and concrete gate posts, including our innovative, patent protected Bolt-On Adjustable Round Post Hinge Set (FG6). 

Farm Gate Latches & Catches

Make sure your gate stays shut with our range of rust resistant gate latches and catches. Our large range of latches and catches ensure that you will find something to suit your needs.

Whether you need to secure your gates, add new latches to your cattle yard, or want to lock up your dog box, we have something to suit.