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Fast & Easy Timber Post Hinge

Install with only one hole to drill! Strong, reliable & long-lasting. Hang your gate quickly and easily.

Key Features


Timber Posts

Fast Install


ACME Thread

Important Features

Unique Top Strap Design

The FG2 has a unique top strap design that allows you to fit the gate after you’ve installed the bolt-through backing plate. Unlike most timber post hinges where the strap must be inserted over the gate and through the post, the FG2 allows you to simply sit the gate on the gudgeon and place the saddle over the two studs.

Single Hole Installation

Installation only requires a single hole in the centre of the post, not two at offset angles like most bolt-through timber post hinge sets. This makes installing the FG2 faster and easier.

Long Gudgeon Pin & Nylon Bush

The longer nylon pin on the FG2 helps to ensure the gate won’t be at any risk of lifting off the gudgeon. This makes the FG2 more reliable than hinges with shorter gudgeons. The nylon brush also helps to ensure a smooth swinging gate with no metal on metal which causes the gate to rust out quicker.

Install Low To The GRound

The design of this hinge also allows you to install the gate low to the ground without having to drill too close to the ground and increase the risk of your posts rotting.

Improved ACME Thread

The FG2 uses our new ACME thread. This allows us to use a full hot-dip galvanised coating that is an average of 103 microns thick along the thread. Standard zinc plated threads have a coating that is only 25 microns thick, and standard hot-dip galvanised threads have to be recut after galvanising to ensure the nuts can spin properly. This removes most of the coating from the thread and reduces the rust resistance. The stronger and wide ACME thread means there is no recutting on the FG2. 

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