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A premium light duty cam latch

Looking for a strong, durable and long lasting latch for your sheep yard? Also, known as a cam latch, each slam latch is perfect for your trailer or smaller animal yard.

Key Features


Long Lasting

Premium Design

ECL14 Slam Latch
The ECL14 slam latch

A Premium Multi-Positional Cam Latch

Our 14mm cam latches are made from a combination of steel, stainless steel springs, and carbon steel roll pins for added strength and longevity. The pins are made of bright bar steel, and the cams are hollow bar steel.

The ECL14 is a premium multi-positional latch. It can be used as either a left or right orientated latch. Once you weld the body on, you can choose the have the handle pointing up or down. Once you have the handle in the desired closed position, just tack the cam to the body (right cam in the picture). 

When you turn the handle it will unlock the gate. Let go of the handle and the spring will push the handle and bolt into the closed position.

Don’t want your stock accidently injuring themselves or opening the gate? The pin of the ECL14 sticks out 100mm, which allows you to weld it on the inside of your gate. The pin is long enough to travel through your gate’s frame and into the opposing frame or post. This means you can fully enclose your latch – perfect for cattle or sheep yards. Nice, clean and neat.

Sick and tired of your hand slipping off your latch handles? The ECL14’s enclosed latch means you can grab hold of it when you are in a hurry, or when the latch of is wet. It is designed to give you a solid hold without your hand slipping off.

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What is the difference between a Cam Latch and a slam latch?

The ECL14 is technically called a cam latch. This is because it contains two cams which work together to open and close the latch when the handle is turned.

Each latch is spring loaded and, when paired with a striker plate, pushes straight into the hole when closed.

Many farmers call them slam latches because you can slam the gate and know that the latches will catch. 

How Does a Cam Latch Work?

  • All cam latches include two cam that press against each other.
  • The touching end of each cam are diagonal. As soon as you start to move the handle to the open position, the rotating angle of the cams brings the pin inside the body.
  • A spring is used to push the pin back out and twist the handle back into the closed position.

How To Install A 14mm Cam Latch

  1. Work out where you want to place your latch. This can be on the front of the gate, the top of the gate, or within the gate. If you are using our TCL range you will need to choose whether your latach will be on the left or right of the gate.
  2. If you are running it through the gate frame, you will need to drill a hole through the frame for the bolt to slide through.
  3. Work out your handle action. Do you want the handle at the top or bottom when shut? This is important when choosing your T-handle latch.
  4. Line the latch up, and weld the body in place.
  5. For the ECL14, put the handle in the desired closed position and tack the first cam to the body (right cam in the above ECL14 picture).