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Get Your Entry Sorted

Build your own entry with the RailTight Entry Kit. Easy and Affordable Entryway Upgrades with no welding or cutting needed.

Key Features

No Welding, Grinding or Painting Needed

Fast DIY Installation

Strong & Reliable Post & Rail

All Galvanised Steel Parts

Easy Repairs & Adjustments

Livestock & Horse Safe Anti-Bruise Finish

Your All-In-One DIY Solution

Our RailTight Entry Kits are like your trusty sidekick for creating a fantastic entryway.

No need to mess around with on-site work, excess materials, or fancy skills. We’ve made it simple and budget-friendly, so you get a pro finish without the headaches.

Everything you need is included, right down to the post caps and screws.

EasyDIYPost & RailEntry Kit

Are you thinking of giving your property’s entrance a fresh look without all the fuss? Rotech Rural’s RailTight Entry Kits are here to make it a breeze! Forget about welding, grinding, cleaning, or painting – we’ve got you covered, and it’s five times faster than fabricating on-site.

Design Ideas

These are just some of the possible layouts you can create with our RailTight Entry Kits.

Select the number of 3 metre bays and your preferred number of rails to bring your ideal entryway to reality.

3 Bays (9 Metres) Per Side

4 Bays (12 Metres) Per Side

6 Bays (18 Metres) Per Side

easy To Paint

The RailTight Entry Kit is all hot-dipped gal steel. But you can paint your entry kit with our recommended Master Blend paint by Stock and Noble containing Never Crib, Anti-Mould Defense and Hot Weather Technology. Available in both Black and White.


The bracket’s smooth, sleek design presents an anti-bruise finish. This minimises the risk of injury to horses and livestock.


The fully enclosed design ensures a polished and finished look for your fence. No welding minimises the risk of corrosion and no touch-up paint which gives a cleaner look. This design quality reflects a professional installation standard.