Exclusion fencing can greatly reduce the impact of wild dogs, pigs and other predators and protect your property from other pests. We have a range of products to make your exclusion fence easier to install and more reliable long-term.

Protect YourProperty&Livestock

One dog can decimate a herd of sheep. A big boar can go through 10-12 lambs in a day. With a solid baiting program, trapping, and exclusion fencing you can greatly reduce attacks from these wild predators. An added benefit is the protection of local wildlife.

The implementation of exclusion fencing has proven to be a valuable investment for cattle and sheep producers seeking to protect their stock and feed, and their use has risen substantially in the last few years.

Strong strainers ensure a strong & long-lasting exclusion fence.

Your exclusion fence needs to be able to stand up to whatever pests you’re trying to keep out. Whether that is wild dogs, feral pigs, wild deer or kangaroos and wallabies, your exclusion fence most likely needs to be taller than a standard fence. Taller fences mean taller strainer posts & end assemblies.

To keep your fence stronger, taller strainers need to be longer both above and below the ground to withstand extra weight and forces. Our Drive-Tight Exclusion Fence End Assembly Kits use a unique patented design that lets you drive them in by hand.

Exclusion Fencing Feature Image

StrongerDoesn’t Have ToTakeLonger

See how fast and easy it is to install a Drive-Tight end assembly with our kit. You can install the whole assembly in less than 15 minutes!

Not Sure Exclusion Fencing Is What You Need?

Exclusion fencing can be beneficial if you have a pest problem, but there are many things to consider when planning your fence. Read about the things you should consider from posts to wire and maintenance, before investing in exclusion fencing for wild dogs, pigs, deer, kangaroos, wallabies and other pests in our exclusion fencing guide.

Are You Eligible For Government Grants To Offset The Cost Of Building An Exclusion Fence On Your Property?

Many states throughout Australia offer support for farmers to control the spread of feral animals and pests. For example, Queensland has its Feral Pest Initiative where it offers funding to eligible organisations. You can find more information about it on the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries website. If you’re not eligible for grants, maybe you can create a cluster group with your neighbours to share both the benefits and the costs.

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